What is Secure The Bag?
What is Secure The Bag and how can you benefit from it?
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Secure The Bag is an entity actively seeking proficient traders to join our family of talented professionals. We've designed a two-tier evaluation process to identify skilled individuals capable of performing at our standards. Upon successful completion of this evaluation, we extend an offer to traders, granting them the opportunity to become a part of our proprietary trading firm. This allows traders to manage funds remotely and progressively enhance their account size through our scaling plan.

If you are a funded trader with Secure The Bag, you have the right to keep 96% of the profits made from your allocated trading account during the initial payout. On the second payout, you can retain 85% of the profits, and moving forward, you can keep 80%. In the event of any losses, our company takes on the responsibility and acts as a safety net for our traders.

Accounts purchased before May 31st, 12:00 pm (EST)

If you are a funded trader with Secure The Bag, you will retain 85% of the profits generated from your allocated trading account. However, you have the opportunity to increase your profit split to 96% by participating in our Scaling Program.

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