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First and Future Payouts
First and Future Payouts
When you will receive your payouts
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At Secure The Bag, we have established a structured payout schedule for our traders.

First Payout

As a trader with Secure The Bag, you will be eligible to receive your initial payout 14 days after placing your first trade on the Funded Account. This first payout will consist of 96% of the profits you have generated.

Future Payouts

After the first payout, traders have the opportunity to receive subsequent payouts on a bi-weekly basis. This means that you can request a payout every 14 days starting from the date of your initial payout.

Please note that on the second payout, you will receive 85% of the profits generated. From the third payout onwards, you will receive an 80% profit split.

Note: To be eligible for a payout, no positions or orders can be open. Your account will be placed in read-only when your withdrawal request is submitted

Accounts purchased before May 31st, 12:00 pm (EST) are subject to a fixed 85% profit split. However, by participating in the Scaling Plan, these accounts have the ability to increase the profit split to 96%.

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