Do you allow EA’s?
Can I use an EA on my account?
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You are allowed to use Expert Advisors. But remember, that It is crucial to understand that when using EAs on Secure The Bag Challenge and Funded accounts, all other guidelines outlined in our Terms of Service must be followed.

The following list includes (but is not limited to) some of the prohibitions:

  • Prohibited Trading Strategies

  • Copy Trading from Third Party Signals

  • Account Management Services

  • Arbitrage Trading (Latency or Reverse)

  • Grid Trading

Please exercise caution when utilizing third-party or publicly available EAs, and ensure that the parameters of the EA you are using are unique to your trading account. If our internal systems detect any indication of copy trading, which is a direct violation of our terms and conditions, the account may be flagged, resulting in an investigation. In such cases, the account may be breached.

For more information regarding prohibited trading strategies, you can refer to this article.

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