Affiliate Program Payouts
How can you submit a payout request?
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Requesting Your Affiliate Payouts
Affiliate payouts are automatically processed towards the end of each month.

Affiliates can receive their payouts by connecting their bank account (ACH) information through the Affiliate Dashboard. USA residents can optionally choose to connect a debit card as a payout method.

Please be sure to complete this step, otherwise, we will not be able to issue your affiliate payouts.All affiliates must also complete our KYC/identity verification process before receiving their first affiliate payout. To learn more about the KYC verification process, visit the Trader Identity Verification knowledge center article.You will be able to see the details of previous affiliate payouts via the Payouts tab of your affiliate dashboard.

Affiliate Tax Documents
If you are a US citizen, you will get a 1099-MISC tax form Sandhills Development, LLC reporting your commission earnings on behalf of Secure The Bag.

For context, Sandhills Development, LLS is responsible for automating the payout process and is therefore the ‘merchant of record’. The IRS considers Sandhills Development, LLC as the one paying you (the affiliate).

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