Trading Restrictions
Are there restrictions on my trading style?
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There are no restrictions on trading style and the actual trading strategy you choose during the demo evaluation is completely up to you. However, certain strategies are prohibited as they go against our terms of use policy due to them being deemed as "cheating". Note that any strategy that takes advantage of demo environment will result in the closure of a trader’s account, whether in the evaluation phase or while funded.

Below are some, not limited, examples of prohibited strategies:

  • Guaranteed limit orders

  • Data feed manipulation

  • Trading on delayed charts

  • Grid Trading

  • Macroeconomic trading during high impact reports and being filled at an unrealistic price due to the volatility.

  • Martingale

  • Hedging between accounts

  • Tick scalping

  • Signal trading

  • Reverse arbitrage

  • Account management

  • Latency arbitrage

  • High-frequency trading

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